NH Rapid Response Access Point

NH Rapid Response Access Point
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logo for New Hampshire Rapid Response Access Point

The NH Rapid Response Access Point (NHRRAP) is a 24 hour service for any child, youth, or family in crisis. They have people who can talk with you or come to see you in person. Learn more about Rapid Response Access Point. There are so many things that people may need help with, just reach out and the New Hampshire Rapid Response Access Point will work to guide you.

How do I contact the NH Rapid Response Access Point?

You can call, text, or chat - 24 hours a day 7 days a week.
You'll work with a crisis operator for whatever problems you may be facing.

Call/Text: 1 (833) 710-6477

Visit the Rapid Response website for online chat

It's helpful to have the name of the person struggling, your address in case you want someone to see you, and a good callback number in case you get disconnected.

What can the New Hampshire Rapid Response Access Point do to help?

Crisis Operators can:

  • icon of a person on the phone listening to someone
    Listen to you about any problems
  • an icon of a person in a meditative pose with a gear to represent skills and a heart to represent health
    Use skills to lower stress
  • icon of 4 people linked in a square around a gear to mean they're working together
    Link you with other services, like a Rapid Response Team
  • icon of a document with a checklist and a light bulb
    Make a crisis plan
  • icon of three people in a circle created by to arrows representing a cycle, one person is highlighted in the front
    Follow-up with you after a crisis

Rapid Response Teams can:

  • icon of a car on the road
    Travel to the place you are or where you choose to meet
  • icon of a house and a telehealth headset
    Meet in person or by telehealth
  • icon of a calendar with a clock overlaid on it
    Give follow-up appointments
  • icon of 3 people connected by an overarching line and a chat bubble
    Have therapists and peers to talk to you

More about the Rapid Response Teams

The Rapid Response Teams are run by the 10 Community Mental Health Centers and cover the entire state of New Hampshire. They have to respond to a request from the NH Rapid Response Access Point within 5 minutes. They have to call you prior to coming to see you or your loved one. They can take up to 1 hour to get to where you want to meet. They can do telehealth if you are further away. The Teams have two people if they go out to where you asked to meet. 

If you can't wait for a Rapid Response Team to come, call 911 or go to your nearest emergency department.

Rapid Response Teams can meet you in public places like a park or store, secure places like a school or fire department, or private places like a home of office. Requests for a Rapid Response Team can come from the person in crisis, a loved one, a family member, First Responders, the person's care team, or their school.

How do the Rapid Response Teams know where to go?

If you decide a Rapid Response Team is needed to help with whatever problem is happening - the New Hampshire Rapid Response Access Point will get a location from you and then look to see what Rapid Response Team would be nearest. The New Hampshire Rapid Response Access Point does not know your location based on your call, text, or chat. You tell them that when you need someone to see you.

How much does it cost?

  • The New Hampshire Rapid Response Access Point for phone/text/chat support is free. Carelon operates the NH Rapid Response Access Point on behalf of the New Hampshire Department of Health and Human Services.
  • Rapid Response Team services are not free but are meant to be at no cost to the person in crisis. Contact your local Community Mental Health Center if you do get a bill and they will help you get those costs covered. The New Hampshire Community Mental Health Centers operate the New Hampshire Rapid Response Teams.