Multi-Tiered System of Supports for Behavioral Health & Wellness (MTSS-B)

Multi-Tiered System of Supports for Behavioral Health & Wellness (MTSS-B)
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What is MTSS-B?

Multi-Tiered System of Supports for Behavioral Health & Wellness (MTSS-B) is a proven framework that schools and school districts use. MTSS-B works to create safe, supportive, and consistent environments where all students can thrive and learn. It is well-documented that a school’s environment has a lot to do with student success. Further, every student is different and their emotional and behavioral needs differ. To that end, MTSS-B is a “tiered” system of supports and proven interventions designed to meet the needs of every student so they can stay in the classroom and learn. School staff, students, and community members work together to create and promote positive, pro-social standards for behavior for everyone (like showing respect for others or being kind to others), as well as providing high-quality services to students who struggle with a mental health, substance use, or behavioral problem.

Who Provides MTSS-B?

While not every school or district in New Hampshire implements MTSS-B, all school counseling and special education staff know of behavioral health providers and services in their community and can link the child and family to those providers. Some schools have their own trained staff who offer high-quality mental health or substance use interventions for students in the school. Some schools also have agreements with community providers to offer social and emotional wellness programs and treatments in the school. The availability of these services differs from school to school and district to district.

How Can I Find Out More About MTSS-B?

  • Office of Social and Emotional Wellness: The New Hampshire Department of Education has an Office of Social and Emotional Wellness. They have information about MTSS-B, funding opportunities, current projects, and other resources available in NH and supported by their office.
  • NH MTSS-B Technical Assistance Center: The TA Center gives a great in-depth overview of what MTSS-B is and how it works and offers the opportunity to join a Community of Practice or request Coaching and Technical Assistance.
  • Institute on Disability MTSS-B: The IOD MTSS-B project explains MTSS-B, offers training and coaching, and has additional resources.
  • Ask the school counselor, special education case manager, or social worker in your school what behavioral health services they offer.

NH MTSS-B Technical Assistance Center Overview

This overview is provided by the NH MTSS-B Technical Assistance Center. Reach out with questions by emailing or calling 603-271-3720.