Child-Parent Psychotherapy (CPP)

Child-Parent Psychotherapy (CPP)
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What is Child-Parent Psychotherapy (CPP)?

Child-Parent Psychotherapy (CPP) Is a proven treatment designed to address the needs of young children (ages birth through 5) who are experiencing emotional or behavioral problems because of various difficult or painful experiences including:

  • Loss of a loved one.
  • Serious medical procedures.
  • Abuse, neglect, or violence at home or in the community.
  • Change in placement or caregivers.
  • Other situations that can impact their feelings of safety.

Trained therapists work with the family/caregiver to build on their strengths and support attachment, help the family heal and grow after stressful experiences, and pay attention to the family’s individual needs and cultural values.

Why do we need CPP?

Emotional attachment, consistency, and support is necessary for healthy growth and development, especially during the early years of a child’s life. When a child has experienced trauma at an early age it can harm their development and lead to lifelong health problems.  Many children can heal and thrive if they receive proper treatment, especially if that treatment includes their caregivers.

Is CPP Effective?

Multiple studies have shown that Child Parent Psychotherapy is effective in improving the emotional attachment between the caregiver and the child, improving child development, reducing symptoms of post-traumatic stress, and improving the child’s problematic behaviors.

Who provides CPP?

CPP is provided by trained therapists in many of NH’s Community Mental Health Centers, Family Resource Center staff, private providers, and in other clinical settings. The New Hampshire Child-Parent Psychotherapy (CPP) Provider Network maintains a list of trained providers.

How can I find out more about CPP?

For more information about CPP in New Hampshire to become trained to provide CPP, visit the New Hampshire Child-Parent Psychotherapy (CPP) Provider Network

For more general information about CPP check out the national Child Parent Psychotherapy website.


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